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Police were today hunting a machete-wielding robber who attacked a group of teenagers after attempting to gatecrash their house party.

The attack, which took place shortly after 3am on Sunday morning, left one of the youths needing hospital treatment following the random incident.

It is alleged to have taken place when the attacker gatecrashed a house party along Perth Road, Haringey.

The ten occupants initially refused the unknown man’s requests to enter the party only for him to return moments later armed with a meat cleaver.

He is then alleged to have burst into the house before robbing the terrified occupants.

Today one of the victims, who asked not to be named, told how he feared that the robbery would become a murder.

Speaking from his hospital bed, he said: “He came from nowhere and we had no idea what he was capable of doing.

“There were around ten of us just sitting around listening to music quietly when suddenly this man just burst into the room. He was armed with a meat cleaver and grabbed a girl sitting closest to the door in a head lock.

“He told us all to empty our pockets and demanded that we hand over phones and wallets. We gave him everything we had but he kept saying that it wasn’t enough.

“We all sat there in shock as we couldn’t believe what had just happened.”

In a sick twist the robber then threatened to rape one of the female party-goers.

The victim added: “He then started to say that we hadn’t given him enough but we had nothing else to give. He then starting saying that he would take one of the girls to his house and have sex with her if we didn’t give him more cash.”

The man then began randomly slashing members of the party.

The victim added: “He slashed my shin right down to the bone, he also slashed my face. The entire incident lasted about five to seven minutes and then he just casually left.

“At end he shouted ‘It’s Eid – I’m only here for the money’ before leaving, we were absolutely terrified.”

It is thought the stranger had attempted to enter the party about 30 minutes before the incident but was turned away by the concerned occupants.

The victim said: “He heard the music and started asking people if he could come inside. But obviously we said no as we had no idea who he was.”

Today police confirmed that they were investigating a robbery at the property.

The Met appealed for witnesses to the robbery at a house party at around 4.50 am on Sunday.

Police attended the scene and found eight teenagers had been robbed by a man armed with a large knife. Mobile phones, purses and wallets were stolen.

A 19-year-old man suffered a serious wound to the leg and facial cuts and a woman suffered a minor cut to her hand.

The suspect is described as a Somali man, just under 6ft tall, wearing a black hoody with white cords around the edges and black tracksuit trousers. He was also described as having facial hair and yellow teeth and unusually large forehead.

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