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The Metropolitan Police have banned the English Defence League from entering Tower Hamlets this weekend due to a threat of “serious disorder”.

The group had planned to march from London Bridge to Whitechapel Road on Saturday but the Met has decided it would stop the procession going into the east London borough.

The march is now only allowed to take place between midday and 3pm on Queen Elizabeth Street, Tower Bridge Road, Tower Bridge Approach, The Minories and Aldgate High Street.

It will be allowed a maximum of 30 minutes “static demonstration” in Aldgate.

Meanwhile, the Met has also put limits on a counter-demonstration from Unite Against Fascism. It has been told it can only protest on Whitechapel Road and between the hours of 11am and 4pm.

Chief Superintendent Jim Read said: “The communities have made it clear to us the impact that groups expressing extreme views has upon them. We have listened to those concerns, and we will keep working with all our communities.

“We accept that the EDL, and any counter protest group, have a right to protest. That right must be balanced against the right of people to go about their day without fear of violence, disorder or disruption.

“These conditions prevent EDL from entering the heart of Tower Hamlets, residential areas and religious premises which would have been unnecessarily intimidating and likely to cause disorder and disruption.”

It is not known whether EDL leader Tommy Robinson will be attending. He is currently on police bail over a recent incident in Tower Hamlets. However, on social network Twitter he has stated his intention to attend.

Labour politicians and Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman have called for a ban on the march.

“If you want to protest on Saturday we ask that you do so peacefully, no matter what your view,” said Chief Superintendent Reid. “We will adopt a robust arrest policy on anyone who attends and is intent on violence and disorder, or is in breach of these conditions.”

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