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People who were injured in the nerve gas attack that killed 1,429 people in Syria have been flown to the UK for secret treatment and tests, according to a rebel leader.

Ahmad Asi al-Jarba, the president of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, said a ‘small number’ of victims were in the UK and the deadly gas Sarin was found in their bodies.

‘The president was told (on Thursday) during a meeting that the results from the examinations confirmed sarin gas on these individuals,’ said Hadi Albahra, the secretary of the political committee within the coalition.

The two or three victims are from the Ghouta area and would remain in Britain until they have recovered, reports The Sunday Times.

He added: ‘They are in a stable condition but they found traces of sarin gas inside their systems.’

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said it could not confirm the Syrian statement.

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