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Ahmed Raofi, 29, of Edgware, London, was jailed for six yearsRaofi tied Irene Santos, 39, with tape then forced poison pills into her
Ms Santos miscarried 19-week-old live and breathing foetus hours laterBaby survived for ten minutes but died just after paramedics arrived
Judge Aidan Marron: ‘You denied a woman of a much wanted child’WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

An Afghani minicab driver who tied his pregnant mistress up then forced poisonous pills into her womb in order to abort his unwanted child has been jailed for six years.

Ahmed Raofi, 29, became enraged when lover Irene Santos refused to terminate their unborn child, so he hatched a plan to kill the foetus without her consent.

After hours of internet research, Raofi bought packets Misoprostol online and invited Ms Santos to his flat in Edgware, northwest London, on April 9, with the promise of sex, Blackfriars Crown Court heard. 

He then pounced when Ms Santos was on the bed, taping her hands, feet, and mouth when she began to scream out for help. 

Within a few hours, Ms Santon – a Filipino national working in Britain – began getting crippling cramps.

She miscarried the 19-week-old foetus, which was still breathing and showed signs of life, paramedics told the court.

The baby survived for ten minutes outside the womb.

Judge Aidan Marron said Raofi had ‘surreptitiously’ had sex with Ms Santos so that she was naked and that he could detain her and force the abortion.

‘Overtures to Ms Santos to terminate the baby were to no avail and yet apparently she continued throughout to love you dearly,’ Judge Marron said.


‘You obtained drugs to facilitate a miscarriage and then surreptitiously engaged in sexual intercourse with Ms Santos so when she was naked you could cause the abortion.

‘You denied a woman of a much wanted child and the damage to that woman is manifestly profound’

Judge Aidan Marron

‘You denied a woman of a much wanted child and the damage to that woman is manifestly profound.’

Raofi, of Edgware, northwest London, admitted to administering a poison with intent to procure a miscarriage.

Prosecutor David Markham told the court: ‘Irene Santos was the lover of the defendant. The defendant was married to another woman’.

‘The defendant had met Ms Santos in late 2011 and they became lovers – she knew he was married and that he was not seeking a serious relationship.


‘The defendant travelled to Afghanistan in January this year to be with his wife and it was then that Ms Santos told him over Skype that she was pregnant.

‘He had previously made it clear to Ms Santos that the prospect of having a child in these circumstances was something he did not want.

‘When she became pregnant he wanted her to have an abortion and when she refused to do that he took matters into his own had to end the pregnancy against her wishes.

‘In February he had tried to take Ms Santos to an abortion clinic and booked an appointment for her but she refused to go through with it.

‘He told her that he would wait until she was seven months pregnant then, in his words, “punch it out of her”.’

After receiving news of his lover’s pregnancy, Raofi returned from Afghanistan to attack Ms Santos, telling her he would ‘punch it out of her,’ Blackfriars Crown Court heard.


Mr Markham said: ‘They had made love on the night of April 9 and after that the defendant produced some gaffer tape and asked if she wanted a “Chinese massage”.

‘Ms Santos lied naked on her back and could feel plastic against her legs – the defendant then pulled her legs apart and she then felt at least four tablets go inside her.

‘When she screamed he put the gaffer tape over her mouth.

‘In the early hours of April 10 Ms Santos suffered abdominal cramping and bleeding and called 999.

‘The foetus, which was 19 weeks old, came out her before the ambulance arrived.

‘There were signs of life and a paramedic described that he could see the baby breathing and moving for at least ten minutes before it died.

‘Ms Santos told a midwife at hospital what had happened to her and that is when the police were called and the defendant was arrested.’

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