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THE European Union likes to cloak itself in the rhetoric of progress, but in reality it is a tyrannical force for destruction.


In its obsessive quest to create a federal superstate, Brussels has smashed our democracy, undermined our national identity and eroded our independence.

The full scale of the EU’s malign influence on Britain is highlighted in a disturbing new report to be published this week. The study, compiled by the EU’s own officials, shows that there are now more than 600,000 jobless immigrants from Europe living here, a bigger number than the entire population of Glasgow.

An army of freeloaders has to be supported and housed, imposing a savage burden on the taxpayer at a time of austerity. It is no wonder that our infrastructure is cracking under the strain, as reflected in overcrowded classrooms, chronic housing shortages and overstretched hospitals. In the NHS alone, the unemployed EU migrants are estimated to cost £1.5billion a year.

The influx of mass idleness from the Continent is testament to both the EU’s determination to obliterate national borders and the obscene laxity of our welfare system. It is a bitter irony that, thanks to EU rules on free movement, we now have to bankroll a growing flood of migrants who seek to escape the economic crisis in the eurozone, when this crisis was directly created by the federalist dogma of Brussels itself.

The migrant pressure from Europe is one of the key factors driving through a social revolution unprecedented in history. Combined with mass immigration from Asia and Africa, the influx from the EU is transforming the fabric of our society, even though the British people never voted for it.

In several towns and cities, including the capital, white Britons are in the minority, while a quarter of babies born here have at least one foreign parent, the figure rising to two-thirds in London.

The pro-immigration lobby pretends that this revolution is wholly beneficial to Britain, supposedly boosting our economy and enriching our culture. But the EU’s own figures expose the nonsense of those claims. The idea that all foreigners “come here to work”, one of the favourite mantras of the cheerleaders for mass immigration, can now be seen as desperate and deceitful propaganda.

In fact, huge numbers arrive from Europe and the rest of the world simply to exploit our welfare system. Even those migrants who do work can access a large array of state support, including social housing, child benefits, schooling, and child tax credits.


The welfare state was never meant as an endowment for foreign freeloaders. When the modern social security system was first created its aim was to provide a safety net for genuinely vulnerable British citizens in return for contributions paid through national insurance. But the moral principle behind that social contract has been obliterated. Taxpayers are now dishing out a fortune to people who have no real connection to our country and have yet to contribute to our society. This is an affront to basic justice.

Why on earth do we have any responsibility to look after jobless Spaniards or Italians? The problem is made worse by the ramshackle nature of the benefits system, which is all too easy to abuse. Just as border controls have collapsed in recent years, so has the effective management of handouts.

Only last week a gang of five Czechs was convicted of a massive benefits scam in which an estimated £1million may have been stolen. At one stage these Eastern European fraudsters were raking in £33,000 per week through false claims.

The burden on the British taxpayer will grow even heavier at the start of next year when 28 million Bulgarians and Romanians gain full rights to settle here. According to a survey by the BBC, which tried to downplay its own findings, around 2.5 million of them are seriously considering a move here, putting a new strain on our creaking public services.

And just as worryingly for our immediate future, Brussels wants to make it even more simple for EU immigrants to claim benefits in Britain. The European Union’s Commissioner for Employment, Hungarian economist Laszlo Andor, is planning legal action to force us to remove the last few restrictions on claims by EU citizens.

If he succeeds, as he probably will, it will be another hammer blow for our national integrity and public finances. But that is precisely the appeal of such a move for the Brussels elite, given its dedication to the demolition of national sovereignty.

Andor himself is typical of the breed. A socialist who studied economics at Karl Marx University in Budapest, he now receives £212,000 a year for his role as an interventionist EU bureaucrat.

It is outrageous that this unelected and unaccountable socialist ideologue from Hungary should dictate what welfare handouts Britain provides.

At the entrance to the visitors centre of the European Parliament is inscribed the following quotation: “National sovereignty is the root cause of most of the evils of our times. The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil is a federal union of the peoples.”

The words are those of Lord Lothian, a diplomat and fanatical appeaser of Nazi Germany who, even on the eve of the Battle of Britain, was begging Churchill to reach a deal with Hitler. We fought the war to uphold our independence from Continental despotism. We can only regain it by freeing ourselves from the clutches of the Brussels federalists.

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