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Is the English sense of patriotism fading? According to a poll, English people are more likely to know the date of St Patrick’s Day than St George’s. Find out how English you are by taking our test


English people are more likely to be able to name the date of the US Independence Day and St Patrick’s Day than St George’s Day, according to a new poll.

The survey found only 40 per cent were able to identify St George’s Day as falling on April 23, compared with 71 per cent who could give July 4 as the American national holiday and 42 per cent who knew that March 17 was St Patrick’s Day.

British Future released the findings ahead of a “Festival of Englishness”, to be held in London tomorrow, which will discuss English politics, comedy and sport.

So just how English are you? Take our test to find out.


1. You’re out to dinner. Your fish arrives overcooked, the potatoes almost raw. Do you:

a) Send the dish back to the kitchen straight away and request one that’s properly cooked.

b) Grumble loudly and start composing a bad Tripadvisor review.

c) Soldier on until the waiter asks ‘how was your meal?’ and respond ‘lovely thanks’.


2. It’s spring in England. Are you drinking:

a) Guinness – it’s St Patrick’s Day!

b) Bombardier – it’s St George’s Day!

c) Tea – it’s tipping it down outside.


3. Someone barges into you and says ‘sorry’. What’s your response?

a) “Watch where you’re going”.

b) “No problem”.

c) “Sorry!”


4. You’re at the British embassy abroad. People are barging in without waiting. Do you:

a) Stick out your elbows and get in there first.

b) Tut loudly and wait your turn, quietly composing a letter to the ambassador.

c) Put your best school ma’am voice on and organize everyone into a queue.


5. Britain in Europe. What do you think?

a) We are in Europe – look at the map!

b) We’re not in Europe – look at the map!

c) If that’s what it takes to win the Ryder Cup, so be it.


6. A colleague in your office is crying because she’s split up with her boyfriend. Do you:

a) Put your arms round them and give them a hug.

b) Find out all about it and give them some advice.

c) Sidle out quietly and put the kettle on.


7. You’re in Paris for a special weekend. You need to rush to make the Eurostar home, but you’re lost. What do you ask?

a) Excusez-moi monsieur, je dois prendre le Eurostar a sept heures et quart. Vous pouvez me donner des directions a la gare? Puis-je marcher, ou tu penses que je dois prendre un taxi?

b) La Garr Silver plait?



8. It’s pouring with rain and your umbrella turns inside out and collapses. Do you:

a) Fly into a rage at the cruelty of the universe.

b) Break down and cry at your miserable plight.

c) Make a joke at your own expense as you arrive in the office soaked to the skin.



Mainly As – you’re a citizen of the world. All very nice but it’s not quite cricket.

Mainly Bs – you’re more British than English. Do you live in London?

Mainly Cs – you’re as English as they come. Now calm down and don’t make a fuss about it.

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