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Say no to stalybridge mosqueIt’s come to my attention planning permission has been granted for a mosque on Kenworthy Street Stalybridge, in what was the Pineapple pub.
The planning has managed to go unnoticed as it says “community centre” on planning.
Community Centre can cover the following:
Youth centre 
Meeting hall for mums & tots, weightwatchers etc
And …
Place of worship i.e Mosque 

The property sold for £178,000 + VAT
To a Mr L Ali
The centre will be open 7am – 11pm …. Library I think not.

This building is on a road with 2 schools, tescos, petrol station, car show room, 2 salons, a new resteraunt is on process of being built. Not to mention all the homes and number of pubs. Not only will this add to the already heavy traffic load. But is almost guaranteed to bring trouble.
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