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Posted by TNO Staff— on October 26, 20130 Comment 

A new report issued by the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership (BCSP) hasrevealed that 69 percent of all school pupils in the city are nonwhite and that whites have now effectively been ethnically cleansed from Britain’s second largest city.
The statistic mirrors an earlier survey which revealed that the majority of school-age children in London were also nonwhite. The Birmingham figures mean that whites have now been replaced as the majority young population in both of Britain’s two largest cities—with the third largest city, Manchester, not far behind.


Birmingham also has the greatest number of schools—22 in all—which have no white pupils at all.
Oldham, a large town within Greater Manchester, currently has eight schools where there are no white pupils.
According to BCSP report, at one school in Birmingham, students speak 31 languages.
All the teachers at the appropriately named English Martyrs School in Sparkhill, Birmingham, specialize in English as a second language and the school employs translators.
The report showed that 25 percent of Birmingham’s residents were born outside of Britain. The largest group are Asians—in the UK sense this means Indian or Pakistani—who now compromise 44 percent of all schoolchildren (13,248 pupils) in the city.
There are, the report reveals, only 9,337 pupils classified as white, while black pupils total 3,859, or 13 percent.
In total there were 31,737 pupils from 87 separate ethnic groups in Birmingham’s schools in 2011.
The children spoke a total of 108 languages at home, with English being the most common, followed by the Asian tongues Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali, and then Somali.
The figures mean that well within two generations, all of Britain’s major cities will be majority nonwhite, and will resemble a cross between India and Nigeria, once the local whites have been completely exterminated from these regions.

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