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A pervert who used the word ‘paedo’ as his password for a library of child pornography has been jailed for four years.

David Worrell, 30, of Burnley, Lancashire, downloaded and stored up to 25,000 indecent pictures of youngsters on his laptop computer after his unwitting girlfriend had gone to bed.

Worrell – who viewed obscene pictures of girls aged three to 13 being abused – also distributed photos, by making them available to paedophiles in a file sharing website.

He used internet chatrooms and claimed to have raped a five-year-old. In one conversation he talked about getting caught and said: ‘I know – Going to jail.’

Some of the offences occurred whilst Worrell was on bail after police had seized his computer equipment.

At Burnley Crown Court, he admitted indecent images offences and was also ordered to sign the Sexual Offenders’ Register for life and was given a lifelong order allowing police to monitor his internet use.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said last October police raided a house in Colne where at the time Worrell lived with his family.

They seized a laptop computer and storage box. He was arrested, interviewed before the electrical equipment was analysed and owned up.

Worrell said he had been downloading stuff for about a year and he ended up sharing images. He told officers: ‘I was stupid. I don’t know why.’


He claimed he did not get sexual gratification and that it ‘knocked him sick’. Worrell added of his partner: ‘She will kill me. She’s probably going to kill me now.’

He was bailed but he acquired new computer equipment and police received intelligence about the distribution of indecent images and went to another house in Nelson, where he was living alone.


Worrel was arrested, cautioned and replied: ‘I know there’s something wrong with me.’ A laptop, mobile phone and two USB drives were seized and more indecent images were found.

Martin Hackett, defending, said: ‘These are truly awful offences of their type. He has lost everything. His partner has now ended the relationship. He has tried to make sense of why he committed these awful acts.’

‘I know there’s something wrong with me’

David Worrell


But, sentencing, Judge Beverley Lunt told Worrell: ‘There is clearly something very, very wrong with you, in that you are able to obtain sexual gratification from looking at and sharing images involving the rape and abuse of very young female children. Nothing, it seems, can stop you behaving in this way.’

Worrell admitted three counts of distributing an indecent image of a child ranging up to level five – the most serious to depict abuse.

He admitted downloading 280 photos at level five, 1,500 pictures at level four, 1,500 images at level three, 353 at level two and 15,000 at level one. These offences took place at Colne, between June 2011 and last October.

He also admitted a further five allegations of distributing an indecent image of a child – 10 images at level five, 314 images at level four, 114 pictures at level three, 156 pictures at level two and 3,920 images at level one.

He further pleaded guilty to five counts of making an indecent photo of a child – one image at level five, 114 at level four, 22 at level three, 11 pictures at level two and 1,297 images at level one. These offences took place between last December and this July.

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