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A petition calling on David Cameron to allow a soldier to work for only three more days so he qualifies for an Army pension has been signed by tens of thousands of people.


Sergeant Michael Anderson is allegedly set to lose around £175,000 in payments during his lifetime due to the Army forcing him to leave hours before he reaches 18 years of service – the time scale needed to qualify for an immediate pension.

Over 50,000 people have already signed the petition on that was started by Jolene Anderson, who wants her husband to serve the additional three days or give him fair compensation.

In an open letter, Mrs Anderson writes: “Mr Cameron please ‘do the right thing’ by this loyal and committed soldier and honour the spirit of the [Armed Forces] covenant or stand accused of using a legal loophole to cheat a loyal serviceman of his ‘just rewards’.

“Promises made to servicemen and women when they sign up should be promises kept.”

The Ministry of Defence are preparing to make a statement.


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