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UK, MI5 and Syria: Hypocrites, Somalia and Brutal Murder of Lee Rigby

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In the United Kingdom it is clear that nobody is concerned about converts to Buddhism and Hinduism being involved in killing people in the name of God, Gods or the Buddha. Indeed, within the Islamic faith it is clear that the Alawites, Alevi, Ahmadiyya, Shia, and a plethora of other sects, are not involved in inciting religious hatred in the United Kingdom. The same also obviously applies to mainstream Sunni Muslim religious leaders. However, you have a problem within radical Sunni Islamic circles which deem all and sundry to be infidels. After all, in Syria several Sunni Muslim clerics have been killed by Sunni jihadists because they didn’t follow their draconian version of Islam.

Turning to the security agencies of the United Kingdom then it appears that too many are very naive and that some members are ignoring certain laws which are meant to protect British nationals. Michael Adebolajo, a religious fanatic, was held by the Kenyan police near the border with Somalia because he tried to join the al-Shabaab. Yet, instead of having a system which imprisons British nationals who go abroad to kill in the name of Islam; it appears that the United Kingdom welcomes them back with open arms by flaunting the 2006 Terrorism Act providing the circumstances fit. Not only this, but MI5 deems this to be a great opportunity to obtain a possible informer whereby they will pay tax payers money on a person who supports mass hatred.

Now, if you don’t understand the mindset of al-Shabaab this is all and well. However, clearly the security services of the United Kingdom and the political elites do. Therefore, despite the al-Shabaab in Somalia killing every convert to Christianity that they can find and destroying Sufi Islamic shrines; it appears to matter little. The al-Shabaab not only behead Muslim converts to Christianity while praising Allah but they also support stoning women to death and chopping hands off for minor crimes. This reality is being glossed over too much and the same applies to Islamist nations which have good relations with the British government.

For example, in Saudi Arabia not one single non-Muslim holy place is allowed. Apostates from Islam to Christianity or other non-Muslim faiths face the death penalty in this country. The same applies to other nations which implement Islamic Sharia law to the full. It appears absurd that in the modern world that you still have some nations which support killing non-Muslim men for the act of marrying a Muslim female. However, in several Islamist states the act of love between a non-Muslim male and Muslim female is deemed unethical according to Islamic Sharia law and punishable by death. Of course, in many majority Muslim nations this doesn’t apply because of cultural factors, different political systems and based on different thought patterns within the Islamic world. Despite this, it is clear that the British government is allowing extremist nations, organizations, Islamist charities and other Islamist groups to spread their hatred within the United Kingdom. This is detrimental to all British nationals irrespective of faith but clearly these “Islamist taps” are not being switched off.

It must be stated that even within the prison system of the United Kingdom that many moderate Muslims and non-Muslims have been converted to radical Sunni Islam inside the institutions of this country. If Islamist militancy can thrive so openly within universities and prison services then clearly something is amiss. Likewise, it is ironic that the Christian faith is thriving in Nigeria despite the threat of Islamist militancy in northern Nigeria; but in the United Kingdom the indigenous faith is in clear decline and this vacuum is being filled on the fringes by Islamists. Without a shadow of a doubt both individuals involved in the murder of the innocent British soldier would still be outside the clutches of Islamic militancy – if they (or their parents) had never entered the United Kingdom. If this isn’t a sad indictment of what is happening in Britain then what is?

It is also ironic that Prime Minister David Cameron, the Foreign Minister William Hague and one of the killers of the innocent British soldier Lee Rigby all share one common theme. They all support anti-Syrian government forces which are involved in many beheadings, terrorist acts, killing Alawites, persecuting Christians, killing Sunni Muslim clerics which support the government and other brutal acts of barbarity. Therefore, David Cameron and William Hague are focused on supporting the dark forces of terrorism and sectarianism at government level against the government of Syria. Meanwhile one of the Islamists involved in the brutal murder of Lee Rigby was canvassing on the streets of England to fight against the Syrian government.

Of course, the two Islamists involved in the sickening murder of Lee Rigby reside in a world which is far from reality. Likewise, the majority of the media coverage about Syria resides in a distorted world therefore this will have suited their warped minds. After all, in Syria it is abundantly clear that militant Sunni Islamists are beheading, persecuting and destroying the fabric of Syrian society. Despite this, the term “rebels” and other nice labels are spread around the media. At the same time, countless brutal massacres by the side which the British government supports in Syria are usually overlooked – or the articles manipulate darker angles – or provide anti-Syrian government coverage on the same page in order to dilute.

The two individuals involved in the brutal murder of Lee Rigby clearly have been brainwashed. After all, every day Muslims are killing Muslims in many nations and this currently applies to Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and others. Ahmadiyya Muslims for example are persecuted in Indonesia and Pakistan by fellow Muslims but they are not persecuted by the British government. Likewise, many Shia are slaughtered in several nations by Sunni Islamist militants and currently Sufi shrines are threatened by Sunni Islamist militants in Libya, Mali and Somalia. Therefore, the two brainwashed Islamists clearly reside in cloud cuckoo land but this didn’t stop the security agencies in the UK from being interested in employing one of the fanatics.

In Syria before outside nations supported sectarianism, terrorism and sedition against the government and people of this nation; the “light of Islam” was felt warmly in this country. This applies to the various different Christian sects which have a plethora of churches and institutions throughout this land. Likewise, in Lebanon and Syria you will find many Armenians because their ancestors fled the brutality of the 1915 genocide committed by the Turks. Many Armenians found new homes within mainly Muslim Syria and multi-confessional Lebanon. In more recent times, vast numbers of Christians have fled Iraq because of terrorism and once more Jordan and Syria opened their doors based on humanity. However, today you have al-Qaeda, Islamist sectarians, America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom all on the same side against secular Syria. Therefore, the “light of Levant Islam” is now being threatened by the meddling of outside nations. This reality means that the UK and other governments are enabling Islamists to spread their dangerous tentacles. At the same time, many Islamists have left the United Kingdom in order to kill mainstream Muslims and Christians in Syria.

The madness of the political elites is even confirmed by the Home Secretary. In the Daily Telegraph it reports that “Prevent was set up under the Labour government in 2005 after the London bombings of July 7. After the last general election, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, commissioned a review because she regarded it as highly flawed, and was critical of the higher education sector’s “complacency” in dealing with the Islamists on campus. She later admitted that Prevent had handed taxpayers’ money to hard-line Muslim groups that promote extremist views.”

“One senior counter-terrorism source said: “Would a university allow someone to speak on campus if they were advocating the best way to be a paedophile or an armed robber? No, they would not. But they allow speakers who advocate terrorism.”

Sadly, it appears that in the United Kingdom that anything is possible because elites are in denial mode. Therefore, is anyone surprised that MI5 and successive British governments have got it wrong? The same can be said about supporting various terrorist groups in Syria which have even trained children to behead captured Syrian soldiers. Given this reality, the barbarity of what happened to Lee Rigby is a common feature of what is happening to anyone deemed to be pro-Syrian government in Syria. It is time to switch the “Islamist terrorist clock off” wherever it is because this brutal mindset hates all and sundry – irrespective if they butcher Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths and no faith.

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