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Roger Daltrey, the frontman of The Who, has said he will ‘never, ever’ forgive Labour for their policies on immigration.

The singer accused the Labour Party of ‘destroying the jobs of my mates’ by not controlling mass immigration when in power.

Mr Daltrey, 69, said the reason he no longer supports the Labour Party is because of ‘stupid thinking on Europe’ that allowed large numbers of EU nationals to work in England.

The musician said blame does not lie with immigrants, but with the politicians who mismanaged them.

‘I’ve got nothing against the Poles at all, but that was a political mistake and it made me very angry. 

‘And the people who get it in the neck are the immigrants, and it’s not their fault,’ he told the Sunday Times magazine.

He said the influx of thousands of immigrant workers during Labour’s 13-year reign left the indigenous working-classes unemployed.

‘I will never, ever forgive the Labour party for allowing this mass immigration with no demands put on what people should be paid when they come to this country.

‘I will never forgive them for destroying the jobs of my mates, because they allowed their jobs to be undercut with stupid thinking on Europe, letting them all in, so they can live 10 to a room, working for Polish wages.’

Mr Daltrey refused to rule out voting for UKIP in the next election.

He said: ‘I’ve met Nigel (Farage) but I don’t know who I’ll vote for. I’m agnostic at the moment.’

It is not the first time that the outspoken musician has waded into the debate on immigration.


In 2011, he said the last government left ‘the British working man screwed like he’d never been screwed before’.

The singer criticised politicians who use social networking sites, saying they are not serving the public properly.

‘I find it really worrying that politicians tweet. That really worries the f*** out of me,’ he said.

‘They should be sitting there thinking about doing a good job rather than telling us what they had for breakfast or what colour suit they’re wearing.’

Daltry is a patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust and was a member of the Countryside Alliance until he left over their support of fox hunting.

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