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FOR six years, our politicians have known that Romanians and Bulgarians will be heading to Britain from 2014 onwards.


And for six years they have buried their heads in the sand.

Ministers love talking tough about protecting our borders.

But when it comes to actually acting on the thousands of migrants pouring in from Europe, they do little.


“The UK is still recovering from the last flood of foreigners”


A group of MPs has now called for a five-year curb on arrivals from the two new EU states. They fear a quarter of a million people will soon be heading to our shores.

Time is running out for David Cameron to get a grip on the situation. He must seize this chance to end the madness.

The UK is still recovering from the last flood of foreigners who arrived when Poland joined the EU.

In some British schools, not a single pupil speaks English as their first language.

Our services cannot take yet another influx. The Government must bring in controls NOW, before it’s too late. And stop this swarm of new people.

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