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FUNDRAISERS and donors are rallying to the cause of former military medic Katrina Brown who is fighting the battle of her life.

More than £20,000 has been raised in the space of just five weeks to help the army wife from South Cerney, who was exposed to depleted uranium while serving in Iraq and needs treatment within weeks for her terminal condition, systemic sclerosis.

Katrina, 31, has to raise £90,000 for the procedure using her own stem cells. But it is not available in the UK on the NHS.


One reader was so upset after seeing our story last week they sent in a cheque for £1,000 with a note that read: “I’m sorry I haven’t got £90,000, but here’s hoping someone who has will contribute the rest.”

Another well-wisher donated £1,000 online And an RAF widow, who had to fight the MOD for a pension after her husband’s death, sent in another £50, saying she wished it could be more.

Katrina, whose husband Martin is based at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks, said: “We had a fantastic response last week. I’m feeling really positive.”

Standard readers, fellow army wives and supporters all over the country are lending their support.

On Friday landlord of the Golden Cross in Cirencester Mark Lindesay is hosting a live music night with local band The Slammerz to raise cash for Katrina’s Stem Cell Fund.


“It is a real shame that this has happened to one of our military personnel and someone from our local community, “We will do what we can and would be great to see the town here in support of Katrina and for a great night of music.”

Bar worker Olly Robins, from the Horse and Groom at Charlton near Malmesbury has also pledged to have his unruly mop of curls shaved off to help Katrina.

An ex-army nurse who used to room with Katrina is organising a fund raising burlesque calendar posed by friends up and down the country, soldiers based in the north are planning to yomp Hadrian’s Wall in 24 hours and her former army colleagues are planning a reunion with an army wives choir fundraiser.

Katrina has been told by her specialist Dr Andrew Burt in Chicago that she needs the treatment in weeks because the condition, which attacks the victim’s organs, has already affected her heart.


Anyone who wants to help her can donate online at or by cheque to Katrina’s Stem Cell Fund. Information on the fund can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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