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People here are right to be concerned about mass immigration into Northern Ireland but we are tied to the ECHR, open borders and migrant benefits while the UK remains a member of the EU.


Mass immigration is an enemy of working people and keeps workers on low wages and in perpetual job insecurity. UKIP NI get reports from concerned workers from across NI who are afraid that mass immigration will deny their children jobs.

In recent days, the political promises of the Tory party on withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights and curbing benefits to new EU migrants are blatantly false and can be shown to be so. The Conservatives have no intention of fulfilling either promise because they or any other establishment party be it Labour or Liberal simply cannot and the NI parties don’t even matter on the issue.

People in Northern Ireland are turning towards UKIP because they believe in our political message and also because they are sick of the moribund political class that we have in our country at present. UKIP would cease mass migration and implement the same rules that apply in Australia and Canada. We would take the workers we want and not people forced on us by the EU and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The UKIP policy on the ECHR is quite straightforward. We wish to withdraw from this discredited shambles. Why? Because the European Court of Justicehas become a danger to UK democracy and an affront to human rights in general. The Convention has been used to protect terrorists, rapists and preachers of hatred.

It is UKIP policy to withdraw totally from the jurisdiction of the ECHR and allow UK judges to decide how UK laws are implemented but we can only withdraw from the EU.

The fact is that Northern Ireland cannot handle more foreign nationals coming here as our health service, housing and other essential services are already at breaking point. Our country is full up and we don’t want anymore people.

The European Commissioner made clear in recent weeks that new Romanian and Bulgarian migrants to the UK will have the same rights as those already here.

The EU is already taking the UK to the European Court of Justice to ensure that all EU citizens have the same right as residents here.

It is clear that the only way to stop mass immigration from EU states to the UK and prevent abuse of the British welfare system, as well as leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights, is to leave the EU.

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