ISIS are receiving funds via the USA

February 8, 2015
(ANTIMEDIA) Yousaf al Salafi, the professed Pakistani commander of ISIS was captured during a joint raid by law enforcement in December of last year, though Pakistani officials did not make the arrest public until January 22, 2015.
The Express Tribune first reported that al Salafi, who was arrested with two companions in Lahore, confessed that ISIS, also known as ISIL and IS, are receiving funds via the United States. It was not disclosed where in the US the funding is originating from.

Halal slaughterhouse: Spy-camera catch workers hacking animals’ throats with saw

The inside of a Halal slaughterhousePA
Shocking footage has emerged of inside a Halal slaughterhouse
The incident, which is in direct contravention of Islamic practice, was one of many allegedly captured by hidden cameras at an abattoir.

Other footage is claimed to show sheep being kicked in the face by staff and a worker standing on the neck of a conscious animal.

The hidden cameras also apparently caught staff laughing at a sheep bleeding to death and slaughtermen taunting and frightening animals by waving knives.

The footage, taken at the Bowood Lamb abattoir in Thirsk in North Yorkshire, resulted in four slaughtermen haing their operating licences suspended.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have launched an investigation into the footage and said there was “no excuse for treating animals in the way shown on the video”.

They added that prosecutions could follow after animal rights group Animal Aid recorded the footage in December.

A sheep being killed at a Halal slaughterhousePA
Spy cameras caught sheep having their throats hacked with saws

The vicious attacks on defenceless, frightened animals at Bowood are inexcusable

Kate Fowler – head of campaigns at Animal Aid
Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, said the scenes from the Halal slaughterhouse were “inexcusable”.

She said: “The vicious attacks on defenceless, frightened animals at Bowood are inexcusable.

“All four conveyor operators we filmed over three days abused animals to varying degrees, while the slaughterers looked on unmoved.”

A leading Muslim group described the footage as “abhorrent” and claimed the incident raises “urgent questions”.

A Muslim Council of Britain spokesman said: “Animal cruelty is wrong and criminal wherever it may occur. That it is being carried out in halal slaughter makes it even more incredulous. Animal welfare should be observed by all slaughterhouses.

“The findings certainly are abhorrent in Islamic practice, and the abattoir must be subject to the full force of the law. In the past, Animal Aid has reported on similar abuses taking place at non-religious UK slaughterhouses.

“There are urgent questions this case raises: since each abattoir is under veterinarian supervision, how were these practices overlooked?

“We call on the Food Standards Agency to look into this abuse and the flagrant disregard of the very principles of humane slaughter as a matter of urgency.

“These revelations will undermine Muslim consumer trust. It is now of paramount importance, as the Muslim Council of Britain has said repeatedly in the past, to work towards a national set of agreed standards and accreditation in halal methods of slaughter that abides by established Islamic precepts.

“We also believe, to increase trust for the consumers, that the use of CCTV cameras in abattoirs should be seriously considered.”

A sheep being slaughtered at a Halal slaughterhousePA
A number of the incidents were in direct contravention of Islamic practice
UK law requires abattoirs to stun animals before slaughter to prevent unnecessary suffering.

However, there are exemptions for Jewish and Muslim producers.

Under the Halal code, animals are supposed to be killed quickly with a single sweep of a surgically-sharp knife.

They should not see the knife before they are slaughtered or witness the death of other animals.

However, the video footage appears to show that these rules were routinely flouted at Bowood where more than 4,000 sheep were filmed being killed.

Sheep appeared to have knives sharpened in front of them and watched fellow animals bleeding to death before being shackled and hoisted.

Animals can apparently be seen having their throats hacked and sawed by a slaughterman wearing the traditional Muslim kufi skullcap in the clip.

The workers are heard muttering the words Allahu Akbar (God is great) as they slaughtered the animals.

Under UK law slaughtered animals that have not been stunned must not be moved for at least 20 seconds after their throats are cut.

This to ensure loss of consciousness but 86 per cent of the sheep at Bowood were moved before that amount of time had elapsed, according to Animal Aid.

Four slaughterhouse workers were seen in the footagePA
Four slaughterhouse workers had their licences suspended
Although Government-appointed vets are supposed to be on hand in all abattoirs the size of Bowood none were seen during filming.

Equally shocking welfare breaches had been uncovered at other secretly-filmed slaughterhouses where animals were stunned.

Ms Fowler added: “This is the 10th slaughterhouse in which we have filmed undercover, and it is the ninth to be caught breaking animal welfare laws.

“None of the abuses we uncovered would have come to light without our cameras being in place, even though there is a Government-appointed vet at each slaughterhouse.”

A worker at the Bowood Lamb abattoirPA
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have launched an investigation into the footage
The group is calling for independently monitored CCTV cameras to be compulsory at slaughterhouses.

A petition aimed at triggering a parliamentary debate on the issue has already collected more than 80,000 of the 100,000 signatures needed.

It has received the backing of celebrities including comedian Ricky Gervais, actress Sadie Frost, and Queen guitarist Brian May.

In a statement the FSA said: “The Food Standards Agency takes animal welfare at abattoirs very seriously which is why we immediately suspended the licences of the slaughtermen involved.

“There is no excuse for treating animals in the way shown on the video and we are therefore investigating the footage with a view to prosecution.

“We are also continuing to investigate all the circumstances around the incident to ensure proper safeguards are introduced to stop this happening in the future.”

William Woodward, one of the abattoir’s directors, added: “We have no comment to make.”

Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebowale reveals hate preacher who inspired him to commit shocking murder of soldier

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

Evil Michael Adebowale became a Muslim after being brainwashed by a radical preacher who advocates beating women and killing gays.

Adebowale, awaiting sentence for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, told a pen pal he converted to Islam after listening to cleric Sheikh Khalid Yasin’s lectures which he said taught him “the purpose of life”.

In his first letter since being convicted, Adebowale complained he had been “ill-judged” and had “little support” from fellow Muslims appalled by his sick crimes.

The handwritten note, topped with his prisoner number A0882CY, is dated December 20 – the day after he and Michael Adebolajo, 29, were found guilty of murdering Fusilier Lee, 25, near his Woolwich barracks in South East London.

From his solitary confinement cell at London’s high-security Belmarsh prison, Adebowale, 22, wrote: “The trial has now come to an end and me and my brother in Islam are…

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Muslim leaders slam M&S over ‘ridiculous’ till policy: Influential figures say workers’ veto ‘beggars belief’ as store apologises over affair

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Muslim leaders slam M&S over ‘ridiculous’ till policy: Influential figures say workers’ veto ‘beggars belief’ as store apologises over affair An M&S spokeswoman said the store’s policy is that members of staff who cannot handle specific food or drink products, as a result of their religious beliefs are given a ‘suitable role’ Muslim leaders slam M&S over ‘ridiculous’ till policy: Influential figures say workers’ veto ‘beggars belief’ as store apologises over affair Muslim Council of Britain said situation should have been handled better Others said allowing workers not to serve alcohol or pork was ridiculous Customer was ‘taken aback’ when the female member of staff explained she could not sell a bottle of Champagne because she was Muslim Policy is to ensure staff who exercise the veto are given ‘suitable roles’ Spokeswoman apologised saying store had not followed ‘internal policy’ Influential Muslims have lined up to criticise Marks & Spencer for letting checkout staff refuse to serve shoppers buying alcohol or pork. They described the workers’ veto as ridiculous and said it was ‘a policy that beggars belief’. The incredulity among Islamic observers came as M&S chiefs issued an apology over the affair, in which shoppers at a London store were told to find another till when they tried to buy wine from a Muslim member of staff.
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Wearing her heart on her thigh: Lee Rigby’s fiancee has giant tattoo of the dead soldier inked onto her leg which includes his face, an English rose and several St George’s flags


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Aimee West dated the Fusilier for a year before he was brutally killed by two Islamic terrorists outside Woolwich Barracks in South-East London in May.

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UK soldier killed in Afghanistan

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A UK soldier from the Royal Engineers has been killed in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has said. He died on Monday after coming under enemy fire while on operations east of Kabul. His next of kin have been told but requested “the customary period of grace” before further details are released, an MoD spokesman added. The serviceman is the 447th British soldier killed since the war began in 2001. His death, the ninth this year, comes as the UK withdraws from the country and after Prime Minister David Cameron made a pre-Christmas visit to Helmand last week. Touring Camp Bastion he announced the British mission in Afghanistan had been “accomplished” and told troops they could be “very proud of what they have done”. Outside of the camp there are now just four British bases in operation and those are due to close next year. The number of military personnel in Afghanistan has been reduced from 9,000 to around 5,200 in 2013.
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Brick Lane traders hit back at hate preacher’s anti-alcohol

Traders in Brick Lane have rejected calls to stop selling alcohol after a rally was held by a Muslim group that accused them of “destroying the community”.

Restaurant and off-licence workers told the Advertiser that a prohibition on the sale of alcohol would “kill” business in Brick Lane and force them to close.

Islamist firebrand Anjem Choudary led a small march through Brick Lane last Friday to tell off-licence owners they must “fear Allah” and stop selling alcohol.

Police had to separate his group The Shariah Project from men thought to be from the EDL before escorting the march through east London’s famous culinary quarter.

Kabir Hussain, 38, who works in a Brick Lane restaurant, said: “This guy’s coming trying to teach us about our religion. I told him to preach somewhere else.

“We are Muslims, we are not drinking. But we can’t stop other people drinking. It’s your choice.”

Azmal Hussain, 62, chair of Brick Lane caterers association, confronted Mr Choudary as the march fizzled out.

He said: “I told him, ‘shut up, I really mean it’.

“This is for us a livelihood, our bread and butter. I’m not drinking, but he’s saying we can’t serve it.”

Malique Shah, 45, who has worked in a Brick Lane off-licence for 20 years, said: “If we didn’t sell alcohol we couldn’t stay here. In one week we would have to close shop and go away.

“This is a multi-culture. Brick Lane is a famous place and many different people come here.

“Without alcohol Brick Lane will be dead.”

Salman Farsi from the London Muslim Centre said: “While Islam may prohibit the consumption and sale of alcohol for Muslims, it is not for any particular groups to impose those views on others, nor bully other communities.”

Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “We strongly believe in the right to free speech and association, and I am pleased that, with the police’s support, this group were able to exercise that right whilst upholding respect for our communities, which is the hallmark of our ‘No Place for Hate’ pledge.”

Cllr Sirajul Islam, leader of the Labour group, said: “While Muslims may choose to abstain from alcohol, it is not right to forcefully push one view upon others.”

He added: “Provocative attempts to push a radical Sharia agenda will serve only to widen the divide between our communities, especially in light of the recent challenges we have faced from the EDL and so called ‘Muslim patrols’.”

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